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baby photography

hey there!


I love creating.  Whether it be behind the lens or in my craftroom. I have been photographing for 16 years now...ever since my son (who is 19) was just a toddler.  I went "Professional" there for awhile then life started getting in the way and I put it on hold.  Now I am back at it part time.  I do have a career that keeps me busy during the day, therefore, I am only available after work and on the weekends.  I do want to build up my clientele and portfolio to do this fulltime when I retire (6 years and counting)...

I am self taught and still learning new things all the time.  Newborn Photography is my passion!  I am in continuous training and a newborn mentorship that gives me safe creative ways to pose and photograph newborns. 


I want to provide you with beautiful images of your little ones that will forever hang on your wall! Printing photographs is a lost art nowadays and I feel you should have gorgeous portraits of your family to last a lifetime.  

In my spare time, we like to take vacations to Colorado and do some offroading and just unwind.    

Tracey Scott

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